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Altogether Beautiful

Altogether Beautiful asks the questions –

What is the place of strength and beauty?

Can I understand what is beautiful outside of God?

How do the people around me impact my understanding of my own beauty and the beauty around me?

What about all the ugly in this life…am I supposed to call that beautiful?

What has God done, for me, for my community, and in this world, that is beautiful and speaks beauty into my life?

Altogether Beautiful: A Study of the Song of Songs, is published in partnership with Concordia Publishing House. You’ll find discussion around relationship, redemption, restoration, marriage, community, waiting, friendship, body image, and more.

He calls you Altogether Beautiful in more ways than you can imagine.

Just as in every one of I Love My Shepherd’s studies, you’ll find intensely theological, while intensely practical, every time. Find a sample of the introduction, first week, and extras at

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Did you notice that Altogether Beautiful has become a bit more?

The Altogether Beautiful movement seeks to redefine the way we see beautiful. Altogether beautiful means that what is created by God is beautiful and what is redeemed by Him is absolutely beautiful. It also recognizes that we were created in relationship with God and with people, therefore we best understand beauty and all that is beautiful through our relationships. 

“When I studied and then wrote through the Song of Songs, I began to see that beauty has a lot less to do with pretty and a lot more to do with strength than we think. It has to do with a Savior, and is more intimately connected to His sacrifice and death than I can wrap my head around. It has to do with honor and kindness, even when it holds onto its very physical properties.

And it’s relational…

If you have a complicated relationship with the word beautiful, here is what I want to tell you:

God makes beautiful and God defines beautiful, I don’t get to. I want to believe Him instead, be covered by Him instead of my own ideas about my body and myself and this one word – beautiful, but we can only do that together.” — Heidi Goehmann,

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Online Studies

Love Brave

Fall 2018 Online Study – Dates will be announced May 29th!

This study is especially meant to reach those on the fringes of a relationship with God. Those who may know about Jesus but don’t know where to put Him. Those who know there is something better, something more in this life, but don’t know what it is. For others of you, this study will open the door to defining what real relationship looks like, what our hungry hearts truly long for, and why we so often feel disappointed with our relationships one moment and ecstatic about them the next. It will introduce you to a Hope that brings better and more to our relationships with those around us and to a God who loves brave all the way – brave enough to sacrifice everything for you in Faith, Hope, and Love.

If you’ve studied with us for a while and love the depth and practicality at, you’ll find that same depth in this study. We hope this is a study that will help you connect with those relationships around you, family, friends, and neighbors, that don’t want to be trampled by the Word, but would love to have a brave conversation about it.

Look for more information soon.


My Redeemer Lives: A Study of Resurrection!

This study ran live on, February 18-April 9, 2018. You can still access all the study posts by searching My Redeemer Lives on the homepage. There are video segments available on the I Love My Shepherd YouTube Channel archived to view anytime. Look for the My Redeemer Lives playlist to find them all. Don’t miss the Resurrection “Write the Story” Scripture Reading and Writing Extra!

Downloadable My Redeemer Lives Week-by-Week Outline

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Think on These

Think on These is the most popular ilovemyshepherd title for those looking for an in-depth, but not time consuming daily read.

Print version and ebook now available! See the links below for purchase, engagement tools, and free printables.

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Think on These on Amazon

Think on These Video Lessons

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Think on These Scripture Engagement Tools

Philippians Scripture Engagement Tool – Worthy of Praise

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Casting Stones

Casting Stones: A Study of Ecclesiastes 3

Casting Stones on Amazon – Print and Kindle Editions

The Casting Stones Series on the I Love My Shepherd YouTube channel is in the making. This is unique content to go with the written study. Subscribe on the I Love My Shepherd YouTube channel to get each video as it’s released. There are 8 videos in this series in all. All videos will be ready by September 2018:

Casting Stones Video Segments

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Ecclesiastes Prayer Cards designed by women in our study – use for journaling notes, prayer requests, and meditating on Scripture

Good Gifts

Good Gifts: A Study of James

You can still read posts on the blog by searching Good Gifts in the search box on the homepage. Look for the video study segments on the  I Love My Shepherd YouTube Channel and don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!

You can also download the free Good Gifts Prayer Walk here.

He Calls Me Loved

He Calls Me Loved: A Study of Isaiah

Look for segments of this study by searching “He Calls Me Loved” on the blog and featured podcast segments on The Podcast page! This study releases in print June 2018.

He Calls Me Loved: A Study of Isaiah Online September 12-November 4
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He Calls Me Loved Scripture Tools and Free Printables



Chasing Freedom

You can also still check out all the posts from our Fall Online Bible Study – Chasing Freedom by typing “Chasing Freedom” into the search field on the I Love My Shepherd Homepage.

This is a 6 week study.

Find more details here: Chasing Freedom: A Study of Galatians

You can find the video sessions for each week on the I Love My Shepherd YouTube channel and the podcasts on iTunes and Stitcher. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on the About Me page.

Chasing Freedom Outline