Heidi Geohmann

I Love My Shepherd

When people ask me what I do, I usually want to ask them to rephrase the question –

“Who are you, Heidi?”

I’m a writer. A Child of God. A professional woman. A wife. A theologian. A therapist. A mama. A wild heart.

I do a lot of things, just like I eat a lot of foods.

I created I Love My Shepherd because I was tired of seeing people pigeon-holed, put into boxes. I saw this happening in my life in ministry and as a Christian, as a woman, across cultures, and especially in topics and diagnoses surrounding mental health.

I wanted more for women and for relationships in general.

I want people to be able to live outside of the boxes others create.

I want to see risk in our relationships, because of the safety of His love.

I want the church to be a place where God’s grace lives and reigns, where people can say a struggle, and find Truth and Love.

I want us to believe that theology, the Bible, and spiritual conversation are for the everyday of life, rather than safe deposit boxes we create to store them in.

I want us to see the connection between mental, emotional, and relational health, and the hope God’s Word brings in the middle of all of them, as we figure it all out in this life together.

What do I do?

I create books, Bible studies, and resources.

I write resources that are readable, accessible, and intensely theological while intensely practical. They are meant to stretch us, me, you, and the person sitting next to each of us. You won’t find fluff, but you will find some humor, lots of room for conversation, and a whole lot of authenticity.

Join one of my studies online, listen to the podcast, or look through the articles available throughout the blog. I hope you see more Hope than Heidi, but feel like you have a new friend in the process.

These are the core values of I Love My Shepherd. What everything we do and say operates under:

Intensely theological, while intensely practical.

Jesus in everything.

One more woman in the Word every day.

People matter more.


Writer, Deaconess, and licensed clinical social worker-Heidi Goehmann produces resources that advocate for women, mental health, and genuine relationships across life stages & cultures.

I love my family, post it notes, Jesus, adventure, Star Wars, Star Trek, and new ideas…not necessarily in that order.