Heidi Geohmann

I Love My Shepherd

When people ask me what I do, I usually want to ask them to rephrase the question –

“Who are you, Heidi?”

I’m a writer. A Child of God. A professional woman. A wife. A theologian. A therapist. A mama. A wild heart.

I do a lot of things, just like I eat a lot of foods.

I created I Love My Shepherd because

I want more for people and for relationships.

I want to change our understanding of mental, emotional, and relational health, particularly within the church and bring hope to our beautiful messes.

I want people to be able to live outside of the boxes others create.

I want us to take risks in our relationships, because of the safety of His love.

I want the church to be a place where God’s grace lives and reigns, where people can say a struggle, and find Truth and Love.

I want us to believe theology, the Bible, and spiritual conversation are for the everyday of life, rather than safe deposit boxes we create to store them in.

What do I do?

I create books, Bible studies, and resources.

I write resources that are readable, accessible, and intensely theological while intensely practical. They are meant to stretch us - me, you, and the person sitting next to each of us. You won’t find fluff, but you will find some humor, lots of room for conversation, and a whole lot of authenticity.

Join one of my studies online, listen to the podcast, or look through the articles available throughout the blog. I hope you see more Hope than Heidi, but feel like you have a new friend in the process.

These are the core values of I Love My Shepherd. What everything we do and say operates under:

Intensely theological, while intensely practical.

Jesus in everything.

The Word every day

People matter more


Writer, Deaconess, and licensed clinical social worker-Heidi Goehmann produces resources that advocate for mental health and genuine relationships across life stages & cultures.

I love my family, post it notes, Jesus, adventure, Star Wars, Star Trek, and new ideas…not necessarily in that order.