Two years ago, December, Star Wars: Episode VII came out.

Our house was in a state of great anticipation. Celebrating the birth of Jesus and a new Star Wars movie all in the same month was a tiny bit like winning the lottery for us.

We had an eleven-year-old chomping at the bit to go to the movie, not because everyone else was, but because #StarWarsisLife. Unfortunately, it was rated PG13. What to do, what to do? Some PG13 movies are mild, light action, a few minor curse words. Others are terrible and would give me nightmares for a month.

Solution: I’ll go to the 11am showing of the movie on release day, and then he can go that night if it’s parent approved. The only problem was that my husband had a nursing home service, all my friends had to work, so I had to bite the big one and

go by myself!


I went for my son, because it’s a nice mom-thing to do, but as I settled into my movie seat, with my own giant bucket of popcorn, looking around me at the other slightly nerdy Toledoans, proudly sporting their Star Wars apparel, all I could keep thinking was…

“I’m at a movie, by myself. Look at me, at a movie, by myself. I’m attending a movie, all by myself!”

I felt grown-up.

I felt remarkably hip.

I felt free.

How much in life do we miss out on because of fear? How many yokes weigh us down because we think we should do things a certain way? What defaults do we have that we think just are, without giving them a second thought?

God has bigger plans for us. He has wide open plans for us. Over the next six weeks, we’re going to discover more of those plans- plans for our freedom.

As we get ready to jump into freedom, here’s what each week will look like, as we work through the book of Galatians:

Week 1 – Chasing Approval, Freedom in His Story

Week 2 – Chasing Unity, Freedom in Life Together

Week 3 – Chasing Foolish, Freedom in Open Eyes and Open Hearts

Week 4 – Chasing Knowledge, Freedom in Intimacy

Week 5 – Chasing Self, Freedom in the Spirit

Week 6 – Chasing “A Little Bit Better,” Freedom in Restoration

Find the full outline, with daily study info and bonuses, on the printable outline here.

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Freedom is found in the oddest places. As silly as it sounds, yes, even in an 11am Star Wars viewing. But true freedom is always, always the work of Christ the Lord at work in our hearts and lives.

It is for freedom Christ has set us free…

Galatians 5:1 (NIV)



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  1. This is great. YES. I am constantly finding myself running into the walls I’ve built, for no reason other than they are my walls and my ways. Tradition? The way my mom did it? Societal pressure? Most of it is probably in my head. The freedom I seek comes from Christ and the ability he gives me to see a new world, new possibilities, and new perspectives. I have no doubt He is the source of these good things this so we can do the good works he has prepared in advance for us to do!

  2. did he end up going? I thought that this was one time when HOllyweird made a PG-13 movie that should have been more PG. Usually it should be R!

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