Around the Table (Make Ready 23)

a recipe of the season or a table you gather around

Advent Day 23

And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved. Acts 2:46-47

Something special happens when we share a meal together. Time spent preparing, stirring, chopping, simmering and roasting, plates set out, drinks poured. Everything is special when preparing for time spent together. And God is there with us. In conversations shared, in tears spilled together, in food passed, in laughter bouncing off the walls. We were made for community, loving one another and sharing Him in life together.


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  1. Christmas was always a favorite of our family-especially around the table enjoying the wonderful smells and tastes of the foods that are prepared. My Daddy died over 4 years ago and that first Christmas without him was hard, but I tried to express all the special memories in a poem that I wrote and now share it with you.
    Christmas Memories

    Christmas comes, memories are stirred;
    Family and friends, joy that is shared;
    Bittersweet, though, at a loss that is felt,
    Whose presence is missed, for whom we so cared!

    The sight and sounds of music and baking;
    Cookies, candies, all made with such love;
    Aromas that filled each room of the house,
    All seemed like they were sent from heav’n above.

    At church we prepared for the great celebration;
    Practicing, learning, memorizing our lines;
    Singing the carols and hymns of Christ’s birth;
    Of God’s love so wondrous, and oh, so divine!

    As the day neared, anticipation grew;
    Viewing our presents ‘neath the tree so bright;
    We’d shake a few gifts to guess what was in them;
    But we still had to wait for Christmas Eve night!

    A bountiful dinner with friends, so dear,
    Painstakingly cooked by Momma with love;
    At the head of the table, sat Daddy, all ready
    To give thanks for the food from our Father above.

    All dressed and ready, and it’s off to church,
    In robes of white and bright red bows;
    We praised the Christ Child in story and song,
    As the shepherds and angels had done long ago.

    Returning to home, our hearts full of Love;
    Excitement was building, but still had to wait!
    So out came the cookies, candies, and goodies,
    Till Dad would come home, hoping he’d not be late!

    ‘Round the brightly lit tree, we gathered together-
    Family and friends sharing the blessed night;
    Patiently waiting, as one by one,
    Dad passed out the gifts to our joy and delight!

    More friends would come over, the house was full;
    Talking and laughing well into the morn!
    Memories are made to keep and to treasure,
    While we celebrate the night our Savior was born!

    Christmas comes and sadness descends;
    A place at the table will be empty this year.
    Daddy’s gone home, reunited with Momma;
    Both with their Jesus, who holds them both near!

    Dec. 12, 2012

    Thank you for your posts!

    1. Carolyn, What a beautiful and special way to express the joy and the sorrow of the holidays when you have lost someone you hold so dear. Thank you for sharing with us here. God watch between you and those you love this Christmas. Praises to Him who holds close those who look at Him face to face, rather than in a cloudy mirror as we do. Eternity is a precious promise indeed. (Big hug, sister!)

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