Enjoy a good video Bible study? Like to listen to podcasts on the road, while exercising, cleaning, anytime?

Hungry for a different way to get in the Word?

The video content for He Calls Me Loved includes podcasts or two archived videos of our live study.

The podcast segments are about 15 minutes each, Video segments are about 40 minutes each.

He calls you loved. See what that means…

Podcast Episodes:

Segment 1 – He Calls Me Loved

Segment 2 – He Calls Me Neighbor

Segment 3 – He Calls Me Helper

Segment 4 – He Calls Me Rebel

Video content:

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He Calls Me Loved Live- Part One, Neighbor

He Calls Me Loved Live- Part Two, Helper and Rebel

I also wanted to take a moment to thank you for studying with me. I hope you enjoy this journey together as much as I do. Look for the print version of this study to come in Summer 2018!

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