I was listening to the radio the other day and I heard about two seconds of the speaker before I clicked over to another station. But who knew that two seconds could be just as impactful as two hours.

The sentence that I heard was this,

“No one is righteous. Not one. That’s the bad news, but do I have good news for you!”

Later, after listening to my tunes in the van and running people to violin lessons and grabbing sour cream from Aldi and, and, and…when I finally sat down, I heard that speaker in my ear. He was a low key speaker. He wasn’t blasting a message loud and proud against the airways. I felt like I was in a coffee shop with him. I felt like he was a friend who had something interesting to tell me.

And he’s right.

We have good news!

And people need good news these days.

Terrorism and genocide, human trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse of all kinds.

We live in a world where people walk into schools and malls and don’t just point guns but shoot them. Hundreds of people are killed.

One person is killed. That’s enough.

It hurts to turn on the news. It hurts to read an article. It hurts to scroll through my Facebook feed.

We have good news.

How about we tell them?

How about we share it, not yelling from the street corners, well maybe, sometimes, but mostly like we’re in a coffee shop. With people we know. People we have relationships with. People that are hurting. People that are tired of watching life implode on the screen before them.

“Did you see that piece about the refugee crisis?”

Yes. I have good news…

“Did you hear about the bombing in France?”

Yes. I have good news…

“Oh my goodness! The floods look terrible!”

Yep. I have good news…

It sounds too easy, right? It sounds pat. But is it?

God, sent His son, His only son, to die in our place, to not only redeem our souls, to tend to them, to hold them safely in His hand, but also to restore them. To restore me and all things around me. To raise us up, to give us more than shifting sand and bloody wars and hungry children and desperate mothers.

He restores. He redeems. He makes new. He reaches in. He lifts up.

I’ve got good news.

I need it like ships need a harbor and like crops need rain and like snowflakes need cold. You need it, my friend. You need it too.

He is something different. Jesus.

He is good news.

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  1. I need good news daily sometimes hourly sometimes by moment. My son who is a single dad raising 3 teenagers by himself got diagnosed with leukemia in February of this year. He is on his 10th round of chemo
    ! He is a fighter and very strong. I look for a miracle! My husband was put in the hospital on Sunday with heart problems and I have a son in prison because of addiction to drugs. I have to look to His good news all the time! I hang on to every word in the Bible because that’s my good news in my times of crisis! I could not live without him!

    1. That is such hard stuff, the stuff of real life, not giving up, but moving forward, fighting and loving through it in Faith. Keep hanging on to His every Word. That is authentic living in Christ, Diana! Lifting you up and your family up in prayer as I type this.

    2. Praying for you and yours. May God bless you to be assured His loving arms are wrapped securely around you, and that He will carry each of you and/or all of you as necessary. May His strength, comfort, and peace wash over your mind and your soul.

      1. Thank you, Vickie! I can imagine His arms holding the whole world, wrapped up tight. He has enough love to see us through all of it.

  2. At the hardest times I turn on klove as I sing along I know God is with me though my storm and his will is good. I know I am enough and loved.

    I know I can dwell on the things I cannot change or I can focus on what I can. I’m in my third semester of college, my daughter is thriving in her new school and my husband has a job. I’m doing better than my yesterday’s. I’m living in today and not worried about tomorrow.
    God blessed me

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