Now there’s a concept most church work families can wrap our heads around.
Not because we love racking it up, but it has been or is a reality in our lives. We write the check each month to the holder of gross amounts of student loans, we still pay for a car we have to fix regularly, or we hope that the cash on hand will cover the grocery bill for the week. Or maybe you are out of this stage and thankful to be in debt to no one any longer. How freeing it is!
Finances are often a contentious issue, individually, in a marriage, and in congregations. So this language in Romans makes sense to us. Debtors we do not want to be. Debt is a shackle, a weight, the opposite of freedom.
So let us live for one who freed us for the very sake of our freedom. (Galatians 5:1) Christ paid our debts on the cross in full. Every sin, every evil thought, every single thing that separated us from God- gone. Paid in full. Can you breath in and feel the weight lift just thinking of it?
And so we hold no debt either. We are released of the burden. So things in this earthly life need not weigh us down either. This is easily said, but financial burden is real, emotional turmoil is real, medical bills and health concerns are real.
What is also real is that we need not “live” according to them. It is easy for these burdens and worries to begin to rule our lives. Anxiety overtakes us, we make enemies of our spouse in an argument because the weight of it is overwhelming, we live in fear of the next thing that will empty the little we have in our savings. This is living according to the flesh, this is a challenge for most of us in the sanctified life.  
Praise God! Just as He has justified us from all sin. He has freed us from every burden. Just as we are His, He then rules everyone in our homes, every thing in our lives, every dollar in our wallet. We live and lay it at the cross. We experience restoration in our trouble through His Word and at His table.
Thank you, Lord for providing for my family. Thank you for bearing every burden. I lay my burdens before you now, knowing you have already lifted them on the cross. This life I live in the Spirit. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Here’s our money envelopes to help us stay on budget and keep arguments to a minimum. 😉

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