Christ has come, Christ comes, Christ is coming soon.
Christ set us free, Christ is freeing us, Christ will set us free.
Christ restored, Christ is restoring, Christ will restore.
This is the work of Christ. It is finished, it is done. Victory is won on the cross. The Creator, and therefore the created are triumphant over sin, death, and the devil.
We were subjected, we are subjected, we will be subjected until He comes again.
We were put in bondage, we are bound, we are captive.
We were made complete, we are complete, we await completion.
And so the paradoxes and dualities of Christian life on this Earth. But hope sustains all of creation, us included, as we long for the completeness of the Last Day. Hope bursts through paradox and shows us just how complex and holy and full God is.

Knowing that we have a God, a true God, who intricately works His plans for all of creation each day, gives us endurance for this race. We run the race together, joined hand in hand in our marriage vows, with a Creator who guides us and a Savior who sets us free to serve one another in love. Our marriage and life complications have nothing on God’s complex plan for our freedom. Join hands today and confidently approach the throne of Grace. Ask God to work freedom in the areas of your life where you feel bound and acknowledge His magnificent plan for full and eternal freedom to come.

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