Dave and I both despise brussel sprouts.

It’s true. You could add all the cheese sauce to them in the world and we still would pick at those brussel sprouts and avoid them all night long. We don’t like brussel sprouts, but that doesn’t make them not good. In fact, the internet calls them the “world’s healthiest food.”

My mom actually loves them, maybe you do; many people in the world do, but even if no one liked them, God might still call them good. They are loaded with vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B1 and B6, fiber, folate, etc., etc.

People tell us this verse all the time when we go through something difficult. As church work families we hear it tossed around frequently when our members mourn or go through tragedy and illness. It contains so much comfort, knowing God is in control. He has a purpose and a plan in the midst of our grief. However, many a well meaning individual utilize this verse, but misunderstand God’s promise and then end up jaded and mad at a God that never promised pretty. We want pretty life. We want it to look nice and feel good, but feeling good is not the promise of this scripture, life looking the way we want it, is not the promise.

God choosing good, working good. That is the promise. Good may taste and look like brussel sprouts. It might look and taste like a candy bar. It doesn’t really matter. The point is that it is God’s good and that makes it good. His plans, His thoughts, His ways- all good. When they are wrapped around our hearts and our lives, praise wells up. We see a good God instead of the look and feel of our circumstances.

When God says he works for our good, He does. The promise still holds true. God cares infinitely about those who love Him. He is working a good thing in your calling and your life.

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