The Psalmist writes – “….your law is my delight!”
Really, your delight?!
The world sees the commandments of God as rules, boring, oppressive. This is our natural viewpoint. Let’s be honest about that. On any given day, we are not usually chomping at the bit to skip along happily following the 10 Commandments. We are in our deepest places, hostile to God. We want to do it our way. Our way is easier, we think; it’s better, it’s more comfortable.
We may not struggle with committing adultery, but we watch TV shows that commend an adulterous spirit. We don’t steal, but we ache for the beautiful things our neighbor has. We try to blend in, as church workers we’d give our left arm to be seen as just a little bit more normal. But normal is not Christ.
In Christ, we can submit. We can join the psalmist and marvel at the good laws he has given us in His Word, that we know, in our deep places, will make life so much better. The walls of hostility have come crashing down when Christ conferred on us sonship and washed us clean in blood and water. He daily makes us new. This is the abundant life He invites us to, that He came for.
Submission, then, plays out in our marriages. As we submit to one another, we submit to Christ. When we decide together to look different from the world, to live out His commands, embracing His law as good and purposeful and fun, this is the Spirit empowered marriage.

You are a Spirit empowered marriage, a Spirit empowered family. This alone looks different in a hostile world. This is your message of Him to the world. More powerful than any sermon you could give, or any program you can create- Christ’s Law and Gospel in your home, in your marriage. It’s a beautiful thing. 

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