What a great word. Let it seep in. Life. It is in our homes. Life is in our marriages. Life is in our congregations and institutions we serve.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that there is Life. So much of the time we feel tired, we feel drained from ministry and the daily-ness of keeping a household running smoothly, whether with two people in it or 20. We understand that it’s not really about our feelings, we know Truth and stand on it.
But feeling drained and lost and dead can translate to burnout in ministry and marriage. So we need to address it.

But…just when we feel like we’re at the end of our rope, we’re drained, and dead on our feet, we can’t serve one more person and certainly that person can’t be our spouse, God sends us His Word. God breathes the breathe of life
into us. This same God breathes the breathe of life into our marriage and our families and our ministry.  

God is Life. And that God is in us. Jesus says, “I am the resurrection and the Life.” (John 11:25) This promise is for us and for our children. 

Look around your home- where do you see Life? 
Look around your church- where do you see Life? 
It’s there. Thank Him for being Life in us and through us each day. 

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