Products with a message

We sell stuff to get the message of Jesus out there, to fill our lives, our relationships, and our homes with reminders of Him, and to make ministry financially feasible. Making quality products that proclaim the message of Christ is the team project and labor of love of the Goehmann Family and Melissa Sue photo.

Our shipping starts at just $2.50! Thank you for supporting the message and the ministry!¬†All clothing items are unisex. You will find a helpful size guide at the bottom of the screen for all of our tees! Scroll down to see what we offer…

Mercy Pursues


Love the Sojourner


He Calls Me Loved


He Leads


He Restores


Coffee, Tea, and Jesus



Share the Love…with every purchase we’ll send you a free set of He Calls Me Loved Scripture cards to post around your house, share with a friend or leave somewhere to share the message!