We have a bright red door on our house.

It’s Rust-Oleum Candy Apple Red to be exact. It’s glorious and what I’ve always wanted in a door. I took an online quiz to get just the right color choice for our door. When we moved to Nebraska and bought our first home, just over a year ago, I wanted a door that said


Please stop here.

Come eat our food.

Come sleep in our beds.

But obviously that has to be tempered with

We have four kids, professions, and a lot of scheduling.

It is loud here.

We have lots of food, but a tight budget, so don’t be picky.

and, my personal favorite… We are a bit much.

Doors remind us there is a place for invitation and there is a place for boundaries and margins. People matter more, but self-care does matter. Where is the balance? How much do we invite and when is it appropriate to shut the door?

In today’s podcast, you won’t find ready answers to these questions, but after listening, you will look at doors differently, and see Jesus in interesting places. In this new or renewed perspective, we can begin to answer the balance question for ourselves and tend to our relationships, with the Spirit at the center, guiding us to open and close, to love by stepping forward and love by stepping back in the spaces and places He gives us.

Take a listen and share with us,

What is your door like?

How do you create bravery and balance in your invitations and boundaries?

The Jesus in Everything series is designed to help you see Jesus in…absolutely everything! As Creator of the Universe, Word Made Flesh, Savior of the World, and Spirit that Fills Us, He is in everything and works through everything in our lives. Today we talk through doors, invitations, boundaries, safety, and relationships. 

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  1. Thanks Heidi! We just moved to a bigger house (it’s what was available) and we are open to sharing this gift with others by opening the door. It’s a challenge for me, though, when as a missionary (wife) I don’t have a comfortable grasp on the language yet–there’s a little bit of fear and wondering “Just how many people will you bring, Lord?”
    On a different note, when were you in Spain? Was it for a vacation? My husband and I live in Spain now, as LCMS missionaries.

    1. Shelee- thanks for being honest! It seems completely reasonable to be like, “I’m opening this door, Lord…but…” Ha! I feel that way about so many things in life! The language barrier adds another dimension, so I can imagine the place of discomfort God is bringing you through. Thanks for being honest about that!

      We traveled in the Basque region of Spain last fall. It is GORGEOUS! We have friends opening a language school and coffee shop in Onati and were able to spend about two weeks with them exploring and dreaming of what God is doing there. I am hoping to go back in a year. We should connect! It’s a bigger country, but you never know. 😉

  2. Heidi:
    Thanks for the post. I assume those who follow you will know how/where to access the podcast you reference. Is there a link on ilovemyshepherd webpage that I missed?

    1. Hi Joel! The podcast itself is embedded into the post. Right after the article there is an ilovemyshepherd podcast image with play button on it. Listeners can listen right there, or some find it on the Podcast tab in the menu of the blog, others subscribe at iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify for automatic download to their device. Every few podcasts posts reminds readers of all these other methods of getting the podcast. 🙂

  3. btw – our front door is white and is usually open when we are home. However, friends and neighbors most often come in through the backdoor or garage!

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