Today, I invite you to rest.

Rest in the knowledge that God brings healing and restoration into our lives.

Just as Jesus ate, asked questions, and had conversation with his disciples long ago, He invites us to eat, ask questions, and have conversation with Him today.

Jesus looks closer at you and brings love and light into your life.

Remember how He has healed and restored in your life.

Remember He is never frightened or frozen, but see our situations and our needs.

Remember decay may come for a moment, but He is doing a New Thing and brings restoration into our decaying places and spaces.

Remember Jesus confesses you before the Father and gives you the words to confess His healing and restoration in this life.

What promises from this past week stuck with you the most?

Rest in these Truths today.


You can download this week’s Scripture cards here:

Did you miss the video?

You can still catch 20 Questions with Jesus at the link below:

20 Question with Jesus

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