Today, I invite you to rest.

Rest in the knowledge that God has a plan in the midst of our fears and failures.

You are a valued individual in God’s eyes.

You belong to a community of people, a community of believers, whose Head is the Most High God, but who intimately dwells with us as we gather.

Remember your significance through Him when you feel insignificant.

Remember Thomas doubted, too, and Jesus still answered His questions.

Remember our mountains may move, but the Resurrection is Hope and Life when we can’t see it.

Remember the world is a scary place, but His feet are always ready for our fears and our praise.

What promises from this past week stuck with you the most?

Rest in these Truths today.

Week Two Printable Scripture Cards:

Week Two Bible Margin:

Week Two Video Segment:

Feminine UpRising

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  1. I appreciate and need the consistency with which you cover us with Gospel Grace. In the confusing and trying situations that each day bring, your posts are a balm and a refreshment. Most importantly they redirect me to Christ.

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