Last week my husband announced, “I have a confession.”

Uh-oh. That’s never good.

“I forgot to take the trash out…two weeks in a row. Um, now there are things growing in it.”

Gross, but forgivable. 😉

Alas, things decay. It’s a fact of life. Trash has to go out. Fridges have to be cleaned out. Bacteria and fungi work their magic in our compost piles.

Have you ever loved a t-shirt or a blanket so much that eventually all that remained were shreds of fabric?

Have you ever driven through a decaying small town?

Harder still…have you ever watched a relationship decay, a friendship, or a marriage, left alone far too long, deteriorating slowly in discontent, loneliness, and inattention?

Decay, deterioration, is a very real part of life; God will even use it for a purpose, but we were never meant to live in it. It’s the broken-down reality of a world sieged by sin, but not left alone.

Instead, our God gives us something different –

He gives Hope. He gives Life,

Resurrection Life.

In our decay, our God reaches down and offers restoration.

Resurrections are everywhere.

Look around you. Resurrections are in our plants and trees, in our relationships, in children growing and creating new families. Resurrection is happening every day inside of me—making me new every day, giving me a fresh start, whispering forgiveness to my broken heart, handing me eternity in this day and for tomorrow too.

The resurrected life looks and feels like Hope.

Think of those who do not know Jesus—the hopelessness of this world so full of violence, every new act of destruction a gaping wound, waiting for an answer from something, someone out there.

I want—no, I need that Hope, in my life, every day. Hope that breathes redemption into my lungs instead of disappointment:

Job 19:25-26 –

For I know that my Redeemer lives,
    and at the last he will stand upon the earth.
 And after my skin has been thus destroyed,
    yet in my flesh I shall see God…

Resurrections are everywhere in the Word.

There isn’t just one resurrection, my friends. There aren’t even just four accounts of the same resurrection. There are many resurrections in Scripture. So many in fact, that I think steeping ourselves in them, for even just a moment, may help us to see the resurrection a little more clearly in our everyday.

I invite you to join me for a seven-week study of resurrection.

Each week revolves around topics like death and life, fear and failure, healing and restoration, witness and glory.

What do these dualities have to do with resurrected life? Study with us and find out!

We’ll jump all over Scripture to discover the many proofs of resurrection and the Resurrected Life given to us right now, today.

We’ll learn from the many witnesses to resurrection, the many moments people had with the resurrected Christ, and find out about the restoration the Resurrection brings to everything it touches.

Our study starts Monday, February 19th, and goes through Monday, April 9th. A video study session will be posted every Monday at 6am right here and on the I Love My Shepherd YouTube channel so that you can catch it any time during your week. There will be four study posts a week to read, Monday- Thursday, and a day of rest in the resurrection every Friday. Ah, rest. Doesn’t rest just sound wonderful?

You can use any or all the elements of the study!

Here’s a checklist. You create the study you are looking for in this season of life –

Monday-Thursday study posts

Friday – rest day! reminders and visual faith tools included

Archived video study sessions on the I Love My Shepherd YouTube Channel every week

Need more details? Check out the My Redeemer Lives expanded outline here.

Ready to Sign Up? Subscribe to by using the box on the upper right side of the home screen on your desktop or near the bottom of the home page on your mobile device. You can also follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Invite one friend – it’s always better with someone to share it with!

I look forward to studying with you!

You’ll find resurrections everywhere.

Now, who’s in?



Special Note: This study will not contain a Facebook or Live Stream component. This just allows me to have more time to write and take care of my family, as well as give more attention to higher quality archived videos for the study. Subscribe to the I Love My Shepherd YouTube channel to get study videos straight to your inbox every Sunday evening.

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