And Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor, except in his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household.”

Mark 6:4

How it must have hurt Jesus that His family, His hometown withdrew honor from Him, doubted Who He was. Mark 6:6 tells us He “marveled at their unbelief.” When we share the Word in Truth and Love, and people look at us blank-faced, perplexed, or even with laughter, we can know that the Savior Himself received the same response! Jesus, the Prophet, came and fulfilled every Word spoken of Him since Genesis, without fail. Yet, it was still difficult for those closest to Him to grasp. Lord, today we pray for all those who do not honor you and those who do not grasp you. You are Prophet, Priest, Savior, and King

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  1. I loved reading through the questions they asked about him in this chunk of scripture.
    “Where did this man get these things?”
    “How are such mighty works done by his hands?”
    “What is the wisdom given to him?”
    I’ve been asking myself this morning how we ask these same questions of Him today.

    Thanks Heidi!

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