The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.

Psalm 118:22

Jesus as Chief Cornerstone certainly gives us a solid mental image of the Truth that He alone is our firm foundation. He holds up the buildings that are our lives, our families, our purpose, our worth, and our souls. However, this passage reminds us that this Cornerstone, this Foundation was rejected by men, deemed not good enough, not worthwhile. We know differently, and when the world rejects Him, we stand in the knowledge that He does not reject us. We run to Him in His Word for sure footing, solid grounding on which to build in this world. Take a moment today to hold a stone in your hand and remember His faithfulness in the midst of this world full of rejection.

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  1. Just caught up with the past week’s postings. Your series on the names ascribed to our Jesus Christ is special. I have always felt God is especially close to us when pondering the many names He gave to Himself the Trinity, to identify his blessings and gifts to us.

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