It’s that time of year again!

Time for a moment of gratitude and thanksgiving…

Time for family and friends…

Time for goodwill to all men…

Time for arguments about whether we should say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas…

I’m half joking and half serious. We do burden ourselves with lots of debate about what the Christmas season should look like. In today’s podcast, Dave and I discuss our thoughts on Christmas greetings and recognizing

Jesus in Everything.

It’s meant to be humorous and fun, so throw out your favorite Christmas or Holiday greeting in the comments.

He is in everything, this Prince of Peace, this King of Kings, the Great, the Mighty, the Hope of this world – Jesus.

Please share any fun, loving, or creative ways you greet those around you during the Christmas season!

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  1. hey Heidi, I will probably listen to hear podcast aa little later. I have a quick question though. You know I have a blog, where do you get your pictures you post on your blog as the title example: Jesus in everything with flowers. Do you make those yourself. I usually add YouTube clips and pictures from my phone with the help of my personal assistance? Any suggestions one I really want to add them.

  2. Hey hiedi, this is Mitchell Griffith from St. Luke I was wondering if maybe you could say “Hi!” to Jonah for me.

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