We are marked people.

Maybe you have a tattoo, maybe you don’t. Maybe you believe in tattoos, maybe you don’t.

Humankind has a long and complicated history with marking one another. It’s painful. Slavery has been alive in virtually every generation and I don’t think you can think of marks on human skin without considering the past.

Marking ourselves- that’s one thing. Marking another – that’s another thing entirely.

How are we marked? What is God’s link over time and history to tattoos and marking, and freedom?

This is the discussion of our week 3 podcast – Freedom in Fresh Ink. It’s a fun one. I hope you’ll join me around a warm beverage and give a listen.

And this week’s video study:

Open Your Eyes

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  1. What a wonderful way to remind us we are free because of the seal we are given in Holy Baptism! Great historical examples and present day horrors that we need to go into action to stop.

  2. I just watched/listened to your recent podcast. Last Sunday in a bible study, the leader differentiated between admiring Jesus and following Jesus. This opened my eyes to the surface level I have been operating at. I want more but making those changes to go deeper with Christ are challenging.

    1. There’s a really great book called “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman on that topic. We all have been there. His Spirit is always at work, but praise God He opens our eyes in new ways all the time. 😊

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