Tell me if you can relate to any of this…

I’m a fun person.

I have a unique perspective, maybe it’s from my mom telling me I was great so much, but most of the time I think I’m am just that…pretty great.

The pendulum swings and I think I’m awful.

I am never on time. I have so many thoughts at once that most of them don’t come out nearly as coherent as they sound in my head, and I tend to be the angry mom more than I care to share. Enter, doubt, despair, shame.

Which of these do you struggle with more?

Which of these plagues you in your darkest moments? Love of self or hate of self?

Both are destructive. Both revolve around me, my ideas, my concept of who I am, my perceptions and intuition, insight and discernment.

God through the pen of the Apostle Paul proposes we see ourselves differently than the standard pendulum swing. Galatians 2:19-21 speaks truth. Find out more about recognizing and addressing the pendulum swing of self in today’s Chasing Freedom podcast.

Freedom in Identity in Christ alone.

Dropping the yoke of self love and self hate.

In case you missed it, here is this week’s video study archive –

This Imperfectly Perfect Life Together


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  1. Boy, is this me in a nutshell. I seem to have so many things I want to express to people and in my prayerlife, but too many things take over and when I speak or express myself, I feel that I’ve jumbled too many of my thoughts, concerns and events together and it must sound like a muddled mess to my listener. And during my prayers I find my mind trying to tell God too many things at once.I guess my pendulum swings too wide and I realize the perfect conversation I wanted to express hasn’t come out as clearly as I wanted or planned. But thankfully our wonderful God knows how to sort our words and feelings.I pray that my listeners can do the same. But being perfect in thought, word and deed are not a requirement for God’s gift of salvation, so I can rejoice in that in my lack of clarity.

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