Open the conversation: Questions about things that matter

I am a terrible talker.

Words come out and they just keep coming. The benefit of this is that I can talk to anyone. The draw back is that I always walk away from a conversation wishing I had invited the other person to be at least a little more a part of it.

I deeply value people. That’s one of the values at I Love My Shepherd-

People matter more.

God invites us to relationship with Him, to ask questions of Him, and to find out more about Him.

I want other people to see this truth when they talk to me. How can I show people that they matter more than my thoughts and ideas, and they matter to a God who loves them dearly?

Enter: questions.

Someone recently shared some wisdom with me –

when in doubt, ask a question.

Some people will never walk into a church. We are the living, breathing church walking around in that big wide world out there. We are where they will see and hear about a Savior who values them enough to know them intimately.

What kind of questions can we ask people to get to the heart of things that matter in life; questions that lead to deeper relationship; and questions to spur on talking about faith, purpose, and meaning?

In a culture that seems apathetic about almost everything and more than ho-hum about faith, my husband wisely suggested,

“Everyone has something they care about…ask them what they care about.”

I would add…genuinely desire to hear the answer.

We may get responses we don’t like, that don’t look like ours.

We may not always have a concrete answer in return.

We can be honest. We can say things like, “I don’t believe in that.” Or “I think differently about that.” That’s part of being genuine. We don’t have to fake thinking about things the same.

We may end up studying the Word more, asking God more questions, and finding Truth for our own hearts and minds in the process.

On this episode of the I Love My Shepherd podcast, we’ll talk about six questions to start or take a conversation to things that matter, and get to know people in genuine relationship.

Find the questions on the podcast. Share some of your own in the comments.

Let’s get out there together and talk about stuff that matters, with people we may have been unlikely to talk to without one another’s encouragement.

To quote Hamilton,

“Talk less. Smile more.”

Ask some questions.

4 thoughts on “Open the conversation: Questions about things that matter”

  1. I’m just back from a mission trip and my new #1 question is now going to be…How can I pray for you? I was blown away as we asked strangers that question and their genuine responses. I can’t wait to ask it to the ones close to me and those I care about and my hometown neighbors.
    PS Thanks for your James Prayer Walk! It was a wonderful tool as we walked the community where we served and prayed.

    1. Good to hear! And I agree- after we went to Guatemala and simply went around asking people how we could pray for them, and then actually prayed right there with them, it transformed our prayer life. ❤️ Praise God for His work in us and through prayer!

  2. How can I be the light of God in my work place, when I am surrounded by unbelievers?
    thank you for this podcast, all those questions are ones I have asked. Prayer, and reading the word should always be our go to. Did you notice the word LISTEN, are the same letters for SILENT, goes with your 2 eyes, one mouth….. 2 ears, one mouth…..

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