Friendship and lemonade parties

This afternoon I sat in my back yard with my feet in a baby pool. It was awesome and it was long overdue.

Most people who know us, know that we love adventure and travel. We love food and culture, whether it’s found across an ocean, or in a small town in Wisconsin. We love it most of all for the people, for the faces across the country, and across the globe that we know and love, and that we have yet to meet and already love.

Our kids are adventurous creatures too. Most of the time when we say the word new, they say, “Let’s try it.” (Most of the time…)

So, we run around. A lot. We drive around. A lot.

But somewhere, deep down, I believe that summer should be quieter than the rest of the year; gentler, less scheduled, less full.

I often have to work to subscribe to the very things I hold dear. Rest is at the top of that list. Time for friendship is another.

So, after a solid couple of months of travel, I’m going to make time for those two things in particular – rest and friendship – and I want to invite you to join me.

There are few things that say summer and lazy days like lemonade. There is very little in life more inviting than something homemade with love.

I’m issuing a challenge for myself and for each of you. Invite a friend over. Be lazy about the conversation. Be generous with the refreshing beverages. Put your feet in a baby pool. Swelter in the heat on the front porch or play cards around the kitchen table. Whatever you do:

Invite one friend over. Invite one friend into your life deeper.

Don’t make a plan. Don’t design a project to organize yourself around (oh my goodness, but do I love a project!). Just rest, relax, and refresh together.

Here are my three favorite recipes for lemonade, one may or may not be margaritas. 😉  Consider yourself challenged. Invite one friend over. Serve them a beverage, one of these, or of the variety that comes bottled and ready from the grocery store. No judgment.

One friend. That’s your goal:

Friendship and lemonade.

Recipes for Fun 

Fresh lavender lemonade –

I still use my favorite homemade lemonade recipe I learned in 4H when I was 8 years old, and simply add lavender from my herb garden:

Dissolve 1 cup sugar in 8 cups water over low heat on the stovetop. To make it lavender-y, add 5-10 sprigs of lavender. Cool, strain out the lavender pieces, and add 1 cup of lemon juice. Ta-da!

Cherry limeade –

Drive to Sonic.

No, I’m just joking. But wow. They know how to do it!

I turn to the Pioneer Woman for this recipe:

Pioneer Woman’s Cherry Limeade Recipe

And…Homemade Margaritas –

A few years ago, after a February trip to Mexico, I spent an entire summer trying to perfect the homemade margarita. It feels like the quintessence of adulting hospitality on a hot summer night. Our friends suffered through many pale attempts, until I found my favorite combination and I haven’t deviated since. They are best served in a pitcher, watching the Ohio sun set, over expanses of knee-high corn:

Combine 1 cup Triple Sec, 1 cup tequila, 2/3-3/4 cup lime juice, and a splash of lemon juice. Serve over ice. Add salt to the rim, if that’s your thing.

Friendship and lemonade – Let’s make this happen.



3 thoughts on “Friendship and lemonade parties”

  1. Yes! I had three friends over last week!
    We always say, “Let’s get together!!” And I know I mean it when I say it, but then I hesitate.
    My house… My kids… My schedule… My husband’s schedule.
    I try to remind myself of a saying i borrowed from Sweet Monday ( suggestions for getting women together)… I invite you to bless you, not impress you.

  2. Thanks Heidi. I relaxed just reading this article!
    Now comes the harder question: What if someone does not have friend(s) to invite over for deeper friendship and lemonade? Any suggestions? Any of your articles address this?

    1. Hi Joel! That’s a really important topic to address. Friendship is almost always complicated and never easy. I think we believe to some degree that when we become adults friendships will be much easier to make. They might be, because we know our selves and our needs better, but with moving, life transitions, and the things that need attention every day, they often remain just as difficult to find or sustain as when we were younger, or possibly more so. Two articles I can think of that address our vantage point of friendship, which may help us begin to invite people in that we can connect with, are this one, about our friendship with God –

      and this article about taking the first step in inviting someone to friendship, as well as Bible study as a place where we can begin to find and make friends. I think, while from a woman’s perspective, this still holds true for men- local churches (our own or sister churches) are good places to gather, particularly around the Word, and genuine relationships can start to happen-

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