Packing up over a decade of your life into boxes with tape and marked with sharpies seems oversimplified. Staring out at the sea of boxes you wonder where all those years flew by, where you put all the meals and all the laughter, all those shared tears, and the days that seemed to be to mediocre to remember before, but now you feel desperate to never forget.

You can’t box up twelve years of your life. You can only box up possessions: photos, a few greeting cards, a special coffee mug, little pieces of memories of a life shared together.

You can’t box up people and take them with you. I promise you that if this were a possibility I would have duct taped and labeled more than a few individuals with a tag that said “Living Room: friends, must enjoy more often!”

So, instead as we transition to something new, a new day, a new challenge, a new journey, I will only say these few words for our family, our church, and our friends. We have lived life well together, in close proximity, and we will live a life well, though there be miles between.

First, Love one another.

Not just love a little. It’s so tempting.

It’s so tempting to show care and concern and stop short of deep and meaningful love. This Love is wonderful and painful. We avoid it because it means knitting little pieces of ourself into others and they into us. The stitching involves recognizing where we have failed, where we are imperfect. It means confession and forgiveness, recognizing what they know and do better than us, and rejoicing that we don’t know everything, that we need one another.

Loving also means listening, really listening. I do this utterly imperfectly. I like my words, but every day I learn a little more what it means to listen to understand rather listen to be heard. By listening, we hear who people really are, not who we think they are, or who we’d like them to be. This is Christ’s perfect love for us in action. While we were still sinners, He walked among us, loved wholeheartedly, and chose the cross rather than losing us in eternity.

Second, be kind.

In 12+ years of ministry I am shocked by the absolute care and affection that God shares through His people. Our body of believers in our local congregation and communities really is family. We have been cared for and loved on and have been blessed to share in life’s greatest moments of joy and sorrow with you all.

That said, I am also shocked by people’s ability to say hurtful things. The human person’s desperation that runs so deep as to destroy another standing right in front of them. Speak well of each other. Speak well to one another. Please speak well of us as we leave. Speak well of the next pastor and their family. We’re all in this together. Those outside the Church on Earth do not know what they are missing in this beautiful Family of God, but they will never know if we only show them our grouchies. Be kind.

And lastly, invite one another in.

It’s so tempting to be private. To keep our dark stuff and our hard stuff to ourselves, and even life’s everyday joys tucked in. If we don’t share, then it might be less embarrassing, less intimidating, but guess what, life doesn’t actually hurt any less. It hurts more. We were intended to share the burden. To walk together. Don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with the person sitting next to you, share it with your pastor, share it with your sister. Going it alone works for a very little while, but if we had known the struggles and gifts and joys that we know after twelve years with one another, imagine what God could do with that! It robs each of us of time and energy, hiding our best and our worst selves.

Let people know you are hurting, you’re sick, or you’re disappointed, in your family, at your work, at church. Don’t hold it all in. Don’t try to manage. This, my friends, this is what the family of God is for – confession, forgiveness, life together, life testifying where in the world Christ is at in the middle of it all, with and for one another.

If I could pack you all up with me, I would. If I could have all those I love in one small commune in the middle of the cornfields, with Ohio sunsets and Nebraska hills, I would. But He has other plans, so I will embrace them wholeheartedly, when it hurts, and when it’s good…and when it’s all of the above, boxed together, closed with packing tape, and marked up with a sharpie.

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  1. How well you say it! Thank you for all those reminders. Tried really hard not to cry, remembering what leaving is like, but as with family, we never are really far in heart. God bless your new beginnings!

  2. Heidi, thank you for sharing your life with us! You are such a bundle of God’s love, joy and His heart!
    Nebraska has no idea, how much joy is headed their way!
    Keeping you and your family in my prayers, for safe travel and everything/anything you may need!

  3. We will miss you at the dentist office! Heidi, I so enjoyed our conversations during your appointments. You are a wise and kind soul. Best wishes and God Bless you all on your next journey.
    Susie Bascom – your hygienist 🙂

  4. We will miss you!!! The happiness your children brought to school each day; the smiles we would always see; the kindness you would radiate. Moving is hard. Moving is exhausting, sad, and… exciting 😊 May God bless your travels, and may your new church community and friends see what a joy your family is.

  5. Thank you for all that you have done for me! I wish that I could be boxed up and duct taped to go with you but that is not possible. Well, it could be but it would take a Yoga pose and some strong duct tape; I just don’t think, unfortunately, that this is in His plans. In today’s tech savvy World, I know that we will remain in touch. For He may move you physically from me, there is no amount of distance between friends. Go forth in His strength Goehmanns and know that this Ohio family will be always praying for and connecting with our Nebraska friends. 🙂

    1. I coincidently read this after Dave and I watched Ocean’s 11 last night. I am now picturing you as a tiny Oriental acrobat mailing yourself to my house! Ha!!! I would not argue with that wonderful of a package. 🙂 We will miss you, but look forward to staying connected with your family. Love you, Mandy!

  6. Thank you, Heidi, for sharing your journey with us. You have a God-given gift ( a few of them) and you are using it well. Keep it up! I am taking you with me. There is definitely joy in this girl’s journey, as I organize and continue a women’s Bible study at our church.. Getting ready to order Think on These Things. Hope you have a few copies left.

    God bless you in your next nest.

    1. Thank you, Sue, for reading and sharing the journey from your view with us! Blessings on your study. I know the women will be blessed through you and the time in the Word!

  7. Heidi, what joy and comfort to hear you speaking to my heart. As the tears of parting are falling on the keyboards, I look toward new horizons with God leading all the way and begin to plan for our first visit to reconnect in your new home. I know I will continue to have moments of success and failure but pray that God will use even those times to do His will in my life and among my family and in our St. Luke family.

    Love you much.

    1. We love you, Jeanie! I will miss our tea times and the daily in-person encouragement from your smiling face, but I look forward to many more memories together to come!

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