Ministry Marriage Seminar

Hello Friends!
Just a reminder, that we’d love for you to join us for today’s live stream in cooperation with Concordia Seminary.

We’ll be streaming live from the Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri from 9-11am, Central Standard Time.

This stream will be useful for growing in your own marriage, for supporting the marriages within our churches, families, and friends, and also for some theological contemplation and reflection regarding the topic of marriage…because that’s just fun.

This stream is especially designed for those of you in the ministry vocation or a ministry family.

Topics include:

Wellness in the ministry marriage

Guarding your marriage

Marriage as Mission Field

Catch the archive of this stream at the link below:

Ministry Marriage Seminar

And the link if you would like to use our handy listening guide:

Downloadable Ministry Marriage Listening Guide

*please do not duplicate or edit these materials without seeking permission from I Love My Shepherd Ministries using the email form on the About Me page

9 thoughts on “Ministry Marriage Seminar”

    1. Hello! The links to the archived video should be embedded in this post near the bottom. Let me know if there is a technology issue! Those are always fun. 😉 Thank you for joining in!

  1. Hi Heidi – I facilitate a PALS (Post-Seminary Applied Learning & Support) wives’ group, and would love to use the seminar and listening guide as part of our next gathering. Can I have permission to duplicate the guide for the 4 wives who will be attending? Couldn’t find an email contact, so I’m leaving the request here in the comments. Thanks!

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