Marriage and Family

Dear friends,

Have you checked out our Marriage and Family page? You can navigate there through the tab right above the I Love My Shepherd logo, or by using the mobile Menu near the top left of your screen.

Here’s two new links I added to the page just this month. Each deals with the opportunity of the season of Christmas for growth in our lives, homes, marriages, and families. Single or married, new to the idea of Jesus or baptized child of God for years and years, I pray you’ll find something on this page to help you grow in your faith journey. And share away! Filling social media and every where we communicate with the message of Restoration and Grace in Christ is part of the mission of I Love My Shepherd.

12 Days of Physical Touch: A Christmas Gift to My Husband

O Christmas Tree: Grace in Imperfection

Blessings as you wait and prepare for the precious gift of a New Born King, wrapped in swaddling clothes, who long ago walked out of a tomb, so that we could also.

Love, Heidi @

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