Making Ready for Advent 2016!

Have you downloaded the Advent 2016 photo challenge devotions yet?

You can do the photo challenge on your own or on social media. You can even do the devotions with the photos we provide, rather than your own if your prefer!

Download the devos here…

Free and downloadable Advent Devotions – Make Ready!

or if you are subscribed to the blog they will come to your inbox each day of Advent.

Let’s Make Ready for the Newborn King!

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2 thoughts on “Making Ready for Advent 2016!”

  1. Heidi, What is it that is in the glass ornament that you have pictured? I am curious as I like to make homemade bath salts, and that looks like a good container possibly. If only I knew where to find them. lol

    1. It is actually a very large plastic ornament selection I got from Hobby Lobby on clearance last year. I picked up some from Walmart too. I liked the big size and it was perfect for some homemade gifting.

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