He Calls Me Loved Live, prizes, and warm beverages

He Calls Me Loved Facebook Live…

with prizes!

Come for the Word of the Lord, maybe you’ll leave with a prize. 😉

Where and when?

On Thursday, October 6th @ 9-9:30pm Eastern Time, we’ll be streaming a live bonus study connected to He Calls Me Loved.

The topics?

He Calls Me…

Which one sounds the most intriguing to you?

How do you sign up?

I can’t wait to dig into the Word with you all LIVE! If only I could figure out a way to get you all in my living room, I would, but we’ll settle for the internet living room, Facebook. You can find the details on the I Love My Shepherd Facebook page. Simply search for I Love My Shepherd on Facebook and look for the He Calls Me Loved event at the top of the I Love My Shepherd page. Like the Page, if you haven’t already, and RSVP to the event. On the night of the event, look for the Facebook Live video on the home page. (I’m not sure I said I Love My Shepherd or page or event enough in that paragraph.)

Not on Facebook?

Find a friend with a Facebook profile, grab a hot beverage together, and gather around their computer. 🙂

How do you win a prize?

First, RSVP on the event page at least 36 hours prior to the event’s start time. You must be RSVP’d to have a chance to win. Next show up and ask a question or make a comment during the He Calls Me Loved Live Event. This gives you an entry into my prize teapot. At the end of our live study that night, I’ll draw a name from said teapot.

What can I win?

Well, this box of books came to my doorstep this week.

I thought it would be fun to share. This is the new print study/devotional from ilovemyshepherd.com.

Think on These: A Study of Philippians 4:8



Click here to check it out on Amazon

Also available for Kindle 


I’ll have one copy to give away for every 25 participants who RSVP and join us live that night!

Hope to see you there!

Questions, ask me below in the comments section. Thanks for studying along, girls. You make it so enjoyable!

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