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He Calls Me Loved: A Study of Isaiah

Let’s do something different this fall…

School begins in 3 weeks. I do my yearly pep talk to myself.

“This year is going to be great. We’ll get up on time.

The kids will actually get out of bed before I threaten life and limb.

There will be hot breakfast. And freakishly healthy bento box lunches made with love and care by yours truly.

Instruments will be remembered, folders checked with joy and zeal. Writing assignments completed with vigor.

Husbands will be kissed before work and on their return home. Nothing will stand in the way of this goal, least of all small things, like preschoolers hanging off legs and pots boiling over.

There will be no yelling, particularly of the mom variety that scars small children for life.

No one will be rushing out the door with tears streaming down their face.”

And my personal favorite.

“I will do a daily devotion. This is happening, people. This is happening.”

It’s like the start of a scholastic year gets in my blood and I think my sinner-saint-self will magically manage all of life better with the introduction of tabbed folders and a new pack of washable markers.

It’s a good thing. The breath of a new season in our lives is a great time to make some change, adjust some habits, but I need real tools. And mostly I need some community. I need people to ask me, “How’s that no yelling going?” and women who will offer me forgiveness and mercy enough to help me dust myself off and keep on keeping on.

This is why I created Fall Online Women’s Bible Study. Are you looking for an easy to access but consistent and thorough way to get the Word into your day? Do you need something new, something fresh, something that adds life and joy to your day? This is what Fall Study is all about. It’s not meant to replace any study you are in, but it is meant to get us into the Word everyday in a different way.

Let’s gather. From our own place, in our own time – whether over our cup of coffee, in the quiet before bedtime, while we throw some lunch down mid day, or while we wait in line at the grocery store.

How does it work?

Our online study offers 5 days of devotion a week for 8 weeks. You read the studies right here, from your phone or computer, in about 5-15 minutes a day. You can start some discussion by commenting or you can rest in the Scripture just for yourself.

Each devotion reads like a blog post, but they dig deep into the Word and into our hearts and minds. They ask one or two questions to ponder for your own insight and growth. They can be easily shared with a friend or even a group.

We start, right here, September 12!

Sign up today by following the blog by email. This assures you get each study post in your inbox and it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle and busyness of life. Miss a post? No problem! Use Saturday and Sunday as a catch up day, or simply skip it with no worries that you’ll feel behind or “missed something”.

The Book of Isaiah is overflowing with God’s realness, God’s passion, and God’s unrelenting affection for His people, for every one of us. Throughout this Old Testament book God speaks truth into our lives by sharing with us His vision of who we are. His vision is oh so different from what the world tells us.








Sought Out


8 weeks of study, 5 days a week. We can do this. 🙂

I hope you’ll join us. Invite a friend along! Let the Word seep in and bring a little more grace into everything. Everything.


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52 thoughts on “Fall Online Study – Sign up now!”

  1. I have done Facebook studies before. Just like you suggested, I caught up when I had the time. Spent about 1 hour reading, responding and discussing the teachings. Is there opportunity for discussion among the participants?

    thanks for doing this.

    1. Hi Susan! The study is designed this time for discussion to happen right on the comments section of the blog. This is public, so there is a drawback there, but does offer some opportunity for back and forth conversation. Participation was low in the Facebook groups, so I opted for the change. Sorry! I pray you are still edified in the study! There are a few churches and women’s groups doing their own Facebook discussion groups for the study. So, if you’d like to gather a few friends that may be another option. We will be doing a Facebook Live night to build some community too. More on that to come. Glad to have you with us!

    1. Hi Susie! To join the study you just follow the blog by email. If you already did that, you’re good to go! Feel free to comment on the study posts to join in the discussion. Glad to have you!

      1. Thank you. My friend, Denise Horton, shared your post, and invited friends to join her. I think there will be a big group of her friends joining together for this. We are looking forward to it!

  2. Very excited to start your bible study. I have been kicking brain cancer’s butt for the last 4 years but I have spend a lot of time on my couch. I love the idea of participation in this bible study from my couch! The bonus? So many of my Facebook friends are joining me in this bible study. What a blessing you are! Bring on September 12!

    1. Denise – what a wonderful testimony to God’s work in our lives in many and various ways! I pray that He will love on you through His Word in this study and that Satan’s attempt at any discouragement would be put down as you continue to fight the Good Fight. We will stand beside you, dear sister! I’m writing your name in my prayer notes for week one right now. I will be praying over you, His much Beloved child. You’re right! Bring on September 12!

      1. Oh how I cherish the Powet of Prayer! My Facebook friends are my soldiers sending up tons of prayers every step of this fight. Thank you dear friend for adding me to YOUR prayer list. You just made MY day… Sending you hugs….

    1. Wonderful, Tranetta! If you followed the blog by email, you are all set up. See you September 12th for Day 1! Simply read the blog and follow along, or comment each day for discussion. Blessings as you join us in the Word!

  3. I’m excited to give this a try. Our Women’s group at Church plans to participate and this will add a great opportunity for those who cannot make scheduled “on-site” classes to participate.
    Thank you for hosting and helping each of us to grow in our faith.

    1. Isaiah is fascinating! I can’t wait to get started discussing, because I’ve been so intrigued as I study and write. Glad you will be joining us. If you follow the blog by email, you’ll receive it in your inbox starting Monday morning!

    1. I’d love to have you join us, Wendy! If you follow the blog by email, you will receive the study beginning next Monday-Friday for 8 weeks. Join the discussion by commenting on the posts, or study privately! Let me know if you have questions 😊

      1. Welcome, Jeanne! Glad to have you. If you are receiving the blog by email, you’re signed up. Comment when you can! 🙂 If you have questions, let me know!

    1. Shana, wonderful! It always says something when you liked it enough to come back and study some more with us. 😉 Glad to have you!

    1. Hi Sunny! Glad you will be studying with us! You’ll begin receiving the study posts in your inbox next Monday-Friday for the 8 weeks, when you follow the blog by email. You can study on your own or comment on the study to discuss with others. Looking forward to getting started next week!

    1. Welcome, Heather! If you follow the blog by email, you’ll get it in your inbox next Monday to begin. Then you can study individually or comment on the study posts you receive in order to discuss with others. Happy studying!

    1. Peggy!!! Welcome, Good to have you! I always love studying it up with you and have missed that! If you get the blog by email, you’re good to go. 🙂

    1. Hi Sara! Wonderful! When you follow I Love My Shepherd by email the study will begin arriving each day in your inbox Monday-Friday beginning next Monday, Sept. 12 and continue for 8 weeks. 🙂 Glad you’re joining us!

    1. Hi Terri! I look forward to meeting you too. Glad our paths will cross! To sign up for the study you simply follow the blog by email in the top right side of the home page. 🙂 You can comment on the posts to discuss or study individually. Blessings!

    1. Do you have any resources that a group could use? We would like to study independently daily but wish to reflect, share and discuss together in a weekly gathering as well.
      Any suggestions as to how we can bring God’s Word to a group through this study?

      1. Hi Michelle! Other groups that are doing it together are either a) utilizing Facebook groups, email, or google hangouts to share their reflections on the post each day. Most days of study will contain 1-2 questions that can be utilized in such settings. The leader can post the study blog for the day and a thread for each question or simply open conversation with something like “what did you think of the Isaiah 54 reading?” Or such. Other groups are meeting in person once a week to talk about what they saw as the highlights of the study that week. This could also be done online. It helps if participants use a notebook or journal or even the Scripture engagement tools to keep a few of their thoughts in for each day, so they have it at their fingertips for discussion. Does this help? If you have any suggestions for how I can help you and your group, please don’t hesitate to ask!

    1. Hi Barb! Great to have you! If you followed the blog by email, look for the first study post in your inbox next Monday. Welcome to the study!

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