Many of you have seen the marriage triangle, or even have taught it before.
It shows three people in a marriage, instead of simply two: God, husband and wife.
It seems like a pretty basic concept, but remains abstract in our minds. We understand that God is there in our marriage, but how does one flesh play out in life together? This verse can help us understand this a bit more. In the verse above we see a picture of the Spirit bearing witness, testifying to Christ and what He has done, who He is, within and with our spirit. What is this mingling of spirits, how does it work? We don’t have the answer to that. It’s a mystery of Christ. But it is also Biblical truth. We know from His promises that the Spirit lives in us, it intercedes for us, it sustains belief in the One True God. This is the Spirits testimony. And the Spirit testifies not just in difficult times, but every day in our lives. The Spirit holds us up daily.
In the same way, the husband and wife support and testify of God’s work in and through them to one another. The Spirit is also alive and well in the marriage relationship. The Spirit bears witness in you to your spouse of God’s great work, His love, His forgiveness, and His mercy. The Spirit wells up in us, testifying to the wife that she is beautiful and loved. The Spirit wells up in us, testifying to the husband that he is honored and respected. This plays out in our words and our actions. We wash the dishes and sweep the floor, not because it’s our favorite pastime, but because it shows honor and care for our husband’s work and provision. We tell our wives they are loved; we offer a hug, time and affection when we feel like we have none, because it is the testimony of the Spirit in us that they are loved children of God. The abstract idea of the Spirit mingling and coexisting in our hearts and minds and marriages, becomes concrete in life together.
Father, You are at work in our lives and in our marriages. You testify of your miraculous work of salvation and forgiveness, given through Your Son. We thank and praise You for Your life giving Spirit, who bears witness in our hearts that You are the One True God. Through You there is mercy and we can give mercy to others. Lead us, O Lord. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.


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