Remember the Cross!

Look to the Cross!

These are helpful phrases we often use when someone is dealing with something difficult, or just in our daily lives. Many people remind themselves of the cross, as a sign of forgiveness, redemption, and salvation. Paul tells us here that we have more than the cross- perhaps our phrase should look like this:

Look to the cross! Look to the tomb! Look to the heavens!

So many promises of God, so much power at work in our lives, by the Spirit.

Look to the cross:

We are forgiven. When dealing with sin, we are reminded that God freely offers forgiveness. He answers repentant hearts every time with mercy. When I yell angry words at my spouse, when I’m impatient with the customer service rep, when I neglect my kids or my parents in favor of surfing the web…I am forgiven. I look to my baptism where I died with Christ, my sin drown. Jesus paid the price.

Look to the tomb:

So often in life, the things we deal with are not direct results of our sin. Someone is diagnosed with cancer, mental illness becomes daily reality in a family, terrorism grips schoolchildren in fear. Paul uses the Greek for what we see in the ESV as “more than that.” This Greek phrase is a comparative adverb so it refers to what is better as compared to what is merely “good.” This involves prioritizing or ranking to elevate the better over the good, i.e. the higher priority over the less-important. (

Paul proclaims that Christ did in fact die on the cross, but let us not forget. He ROSE! The tomb is empty and that means LIFE for us.

God offers us life, and life to the full, even in the midst of all of it. We rise from the waters to life!

Look to the heavens:

Christ Jesus is at the right hand of God. The Spirit intercedes for us, Christ intercedes for us. So much interceding on our behalf. We look to the skies and have confidence in a Lord that died, was raised to new life, and ascended in to the heavens. He sits on a throne at the right hand of God. He reigns and is in control, come what may.

Look to the cross, friends. Look to the tomb. Look to the heavens.

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