We are heirs with Christ.
We are invited by the Father to be children and heirs with Jesus, of everything the Good Father offers His children. We inherit eternal life and salvation as heirs. What a blessed gift!
Just as God normally does, though, He offers us so much more. We are heirs of all He has and does. We inherit His peace, we inherit His joy, His love, His gentleness. The fruits of the Spirit flow from us as an heir and receiver of the inheritance- a free gift of God.
We are not like the prodigal son, however. Our relationship with the Father stays complete through our brother and fellow heir, Christ Jesus. We do not have a brother who scorns us, and our weaknesses. We have a brother who strengthens and unites us in our relationship with the Father.
So when we suffer, we suffer together, as family, as one, fully united. How many of us have family or loved ones who let us down, who aren’t everything we need them to be at a given time? Even in our marriages and homes our spouse and children will let us down. Because of this we often see our relationships with God, even if only subconsciously, with the same expectations. We wait for God to let us down, we even look for it and blame God when life seems to spin out of control. But these verses speak truth- “we suffer with Him that we may also be glorified with Him.”
We are in it together.
God is the perfect loving Father and Christ, the perfect loving brother. We are united through Christ’s precious body and blood and life giving water. Sometimes it’s helpful to know that someone is holding us up, there for support, in the sorrow and the joy of life. God has sent you real people in your life to show you His loving kindness and care. We can be that to one another. The family then is that mirror of God’s perfect and holy family, for others to see and then also know Him.

But even when the road is difficult and we feel intensely alone, know that our Father and our Brother are with us. We never need take on the day alone. We are family.

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